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  1. allengreenfield

    At the risk of showing I don’t know, I don’t know who is currently managing this site. Whoever it is should post who they are and a contact point so changes announced in comments can be added to the site itself. We are growing!

    1. egnu93 Post author

      I am managing the website – All the bishops should have access and administration rights to edit/moderate the website. If you have any new people/temples that need to be added, and you do not know how to edit the pages, or add new users, then you need to contact me. I will add any new information. I can’t update or fix the site, if no one gets in contact with me directly, I don’t know what is going on – apologies for my lapse in communication.

  2. allengreenfield

    I hope your doing fine today. Rev.T. Allen Greenfield below is what i tried to post online, but was not successful. Would you be so kind to post this online for other brothers of the craft !
    Thank You !

    To: Tau Allen Greenfield and the Brother’s of the Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis
    From: Rev. Bro. Ronald Chaisson FGCR
    Date: 1/13 /2016
    Time: 5:00 AM
    Request: A Bull of Consecration for Bishop and Charter for both Angelo Soliman Ancient and Primitive Rite Of Memphis-Misriam A.S.A.P.R.M.M and the Ecclesia Gnostic Liturgia EGL.

    Let me first say greetings to Tau Bro. Allen Greenfield, I hope all is well; it was a pleasure corresponding with you by e-mail, I look forward to a life long relationship with you and the fellow members of the Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis (EGnU). Per instruction, I would like to make a request from two other Bishops to seek EGnU recognition and charter for the lodge of Angelo Soliman Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misriam A.S.A.P.P.M.M and the Ecclesia Gnostic Liturgia EGL. This request mean a lot especially since this was calling from the inner world. Just a little about me, my name is Ronald Chaisson I’m married and have two boys one nine and the other six. Currently I live Orlando Florida, but was raised in New Orleans, La. I hold a Bachelors of Business Administration degree from Lemoyne – Owen College, a Master degree in Strategic Leadership from New England College, and currently half way completed with a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organization from Grand Canyon University. However, on a spiritual note, I have a Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral Degree D.D from the University of Metaphysics and have been ordained and certified to teach Metaphysics, as I currently do when time is permitted. Also, below is a list of fraternal orders that I’m currently active in: I’m A.F.A.M free mason, a Co-masonic freemason with the Le Driot Humaine, a fellow with the Grand College Rite, and in good standing with all three fraternities, and within each order I have been raise to the sublime degree of a master mason and worked the Scottish rite degrees. In addition, I’m also a member of the Fraternitas Roses Crucis, FRC the AEth Priest hood, Magi, and Reiki Master at Beverly hall PA and the Builders of the Adytum. On collegiate level, I’ve been also been inducted in both Phi Beta Sigma fraternity, and the Alpha kappa Mu Honor society. Bring this to introduction of myself to a conclusion, if any other brothers or members would like to further discuss or chat about occult knowledge or any other matter, I can be contacted at ronaldchaisson@chaisson creativeconsulting.com, please fill free to e-mail, its not a problem. Also, please let me know if you will be so kind to sign my petition “Bull of Election”, so I can add your name to the document as soon as possible, again thank you brothers of EGnU for your valuable time consideration.
    Thank You,
    Rev. Bro.Ronald Chaisson FGCR
    E-mail – ronaldchaisson@chaissoncreativeconsulting.com


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