Tau Sunce

Bishop Tau Sunce was born in City of Split, Dalmatia – Mediterranean coast of Croatia, on May 1965.

He was attended elementary and high school for informatics in same City and after regular annual army year went to university for mechanical engineer. He never graduates because he joined Croatian Army during Croatian War for some time, and today living and working in Split.

He was born in rigid Roman-Catholic family in Roman Catholic country, finding in his early years true attraction to something close to him, which he heard that it is called God. As young guy of 11-12 year he definitely cast Christianity and Roman – Catholic Church from himself, finding that except harassment and politic, there is no God in that organization. He started his spiritual quest in Yugoslavian-socialistic environment where was lacking of any satisfying instructions.

At 1985 he found and join group of Maharaji Ji followers and started with regular practice of several basic hindu meditations what took more then two years and give him many experiences. On other hand, he never found interest for worshiping of that Guru and never found real reason for that. At beginning of 1988 he found teaching of Thelema in books of Aleister Crowley and found “That Is It” moment. From that moment started with serious study and practice, and after one year of struggle to get initiation, joined Caliphate OTO at spring of 1989.

In that time that organization was in it’s beginning, without archived knowledge, Adepts, initiates with real experience. It was group of blind ones leading blind ones, mixture of many guys with mental or emotional disorders, young students, wanderers and several authorities with only political ambitions and poor knowledge. Fight for leadership was only serious activities, and practice was something which initiate must do to fulfill form, serving authorities wishes and ambitions was only important.

With new generation of serious initiates – then mostly university students, Tau Sunce started with serious study and practice of Magick in way of Thelema, discovering many knowledges and experiences through the years. Knowing that from state of ignorance without help of any advanced adept only path of fanatical work can risen beyond that state; he started and endured in that which was most needed – in organization of serious regular group work and development of initiates, first as organizer of that in Baphomethr Camp OTO than as Master of Theba Camp OTO and Initiator; which without interrupt working till today in Theba Temple of EGnU.

Tau Sunce was Baptized through EGC at summer 1989 and been ordinated as Deacon at summer 1990 serving for years as Deacon. At 1998 he was ordinated as Priest by bishop Tau Rodney Orpheus, performing Liber XV Mass regularly weekly, in that moment for two years – until today. During his priesthood he trained several tens of priests, priestess and deacons to work Liber XV, giving number of baptisms, confirmations and consecrations, trying that this knowledge and practice spreads and in right way.

As result of success of that work in Split, reaction from corrupted Caliphate’s hierarchy caused activities on destroying of that work which took more than six years and finally throwing out Tau Sunce from Caliphate and formal closing of that body in 2006. But work continues and remaining group of Gnostics joined EGnU at December 2006 as Theba Temple owing to Tau Sir Hasirim, and continues quality regular work with his sanction until today. In this Assembly they found that what was dreamed for years – pure brotherhood, true blessing with true and unconditional support to work and development, purified from hierarchical pressure, politic, and fight for positions.

At spring of 2008 he was formally consecrated by laying hands as Bishop in Sarajevo – Bosnia, by Tau Eloheal – Bishop of Ecclesia Gnostica Spiritualis who was consecrated by Tau Michael Bertiaux. On spring 2009 Tau Sunce was recognized as Bishop of Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis continuing on work of developing Gnostic work, Gnostic and Thelemic communities on Balkan and wider in a way of Congregational Illuminism and Thelema. True aims or that work are efforts to help in attaining illumination, initiation and true spiritual awaking in every person interested in that, with no personal obligations and costs. Those efforts are supported by recognition of every person who works on personal growth and initiation; with no matter of political background or religious origin, nation, race or place of birth – true brotherhood of all men.


1 thought on “Tau Sunce

  1. COLT

    Tau Sunce’s criticisms of the Roman Catholic church and the ‘Caliphate OTO’ can be universally applied to any organisation that claims super temporal authority. Whatever its failings, I think the OTO should be praised for making previously inaccessible Thelemic texts freely available for study.


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