Tau Lucifer Mekratrig

Tau Lucifer Mekratrig is Bishop of the Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis for Moscow and Western Russia.

He has a rich personal history and an expertise in things paranormal, military and photographic. He is a photo analyst of the first order, and has been extremely helpful in investigating purported ‘paranormal’ photographs, which points out a direction Scientific Illuminists might well contemplate employing in investigating the claims of magicians.

James L. Choron is a journalist and writer living in Mamontovka, a suburb of Moscow. He has resided in the Russian Federation for more than sixteen years, and is a former senior executive with the Eastman Kodak Company. He is currently owner and Chief Executive Officer of Old Guard Productions, a company dealing in motion picture and television logistics and properties, and American Business Training, a company which deals with sales and customer service training for Russian companies seeking to introduce Western business practices and standards.

Born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in the small East Texas town of Center, James holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Stephen F. Austin State University and a Masters and Ph.D. from Moscow State University in the same subject as well as a graduate degree in optical engineering. A working journalist for slightly more than thirty-five years, he has columns in numerous publications in both Russia and the United States.

James has numerous hobbies, primarily related to paranormal and historical research, both of which he has been involved for over twenty years. He has published a number of independent articles on paranormal encounters and activities and on historical topics, and is a staff member on several online publications and forums dealing with history and the paranormal.

His book, Footprints in the Snow: Tales of Haunted Russia, has provided a fascinating collection of true and documented stories of the paranormal from Russia and Eastern Europe.

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