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NOTICE: The EGNU is not responsible for any opinions, whether religious, philosophical, or social, expressed in the following articles. The EGNU is not responsible for any theories or statements put forward. This is my personal opinion and not one of the EGNU.

I am A (there are more than one) voice of the Great Liberating Mother who has been invoked for centuries under the company of NUIT. Those (plural) who hear her voice will gather with me and we will orbit together under the light of our PERSONAL (individual), guiding star and we will join (on holy days) as one universal mirror to each other, bound by the way and spirit that was birthed in our hearts.

I do care about the rights of everyone on this planet and everyone’s universal right of consent, of fairness no matter how they choose to live their life and being excluded and judged Is not a way for anyone to live.

Everyone has the right to express themselves and be allowed to be who they are and respected no matter how they choose.

Nature chooses what we are born as, what race we are, what situation. Life is love and acceptance for all creatures and all life. We are all connected. We should be able to protect, accept and love our family, friends and the ones they love.

I am just clarifying things for those who can’t see my intentions. I thought I would share my thoughts with current state of things and judgements. Take it or leave it. Just another opinion in 7.6 billion others.

Everyone (people, plants, animals, humanity, nature) wants to be happy and not live in fear. To have a safe home and right to live and a non toxic biosphere.

Free of persecution or hate just for being what they were born as. For being who and what they are.

Humanitarianly speaking: If we all were exactly the same it would be a boring world, for one to see everyone with thyself, they may just have to realize Everyone deserves love, life, freedom, respect and equality. We are all reflections of each other.

No gender. No religion. No label. No Race. No age. No region. No nationality. No tribe. No financial state. No mental state. No political side. No disability. No physical state.

No label should ever be used to hurt or discriminate against anyone.


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