Shin Asherah Iustus

NOTICE: The EGNU is not responsible for any opinions, whether religious, philosophical, or social, expressed in the following articles. The EGNU is not responsible for any theories or statements put forward. This is my personal opinion and not one of the EGNU.
In my humble and honest opinion, regulated formal bodies, fraternal organizations and organized religious bodies, or spiritual orders purpose is collect initiation/membership dues.

To have these petitioners to pay for the right to access Holy Orders, liturgy, documentation and rites of sacred mystery traditions are a crime. Most of this knowledge is accessible through the Internet. Or in some regards it is a way for those studying the various paths of esoteric gnosis and hermetic traditions, to pursue these outlets.

I don’t want to call out any groups or orders by name. That is not my intent here. It is not on my will or authority, here and now. Nor is it to help people collect the occult version of scout badges or titles to add to a collection. I am here for those who actively want to participate in self growth and healing. Those who have came here to seek communion with their highest and purest self.

It is hard for me not to lose myself in the ego. Let me emphasize this by sharing this statement: My way is not the only way and it may not be your way.

“In My Father’s house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you.” – John 14:2
– John 14:2
Commentaries of this passage from Greek translation:
The Greek word for “mansions” occurs again in the New Testament only in John 14:23, where it is rendered abode.” Wiclif and the Geneva version read “dwellings.” It is found in the Greek of the Old Testament only in 1 Maccabees 7:38 (“Suffer them not to continue any longer”—“give them not an abode”). Our translators here followed the Vulgate, which has “mansiones “with the exact meaning of the Greek, that is; “resting-places,” “dwellings.” In Elizabethan English the word meant no more than this, and it now means no more in French or in the English of the North. A maison or a manse, is not necessarily a modern English mansion. It should also be noted that the Greek word is the substantive answering to the verb which is rendered “dwelleth” in John 14:10, and “abide” in John 15:4-10. – Source
Commentaries on John 14:2

When these oaths of secrecy were first made, it was in a world where its existence depended on its veil of mystery. It was a duty to be keepers of the secret and sacred flame. Wisdom and Gnosis is birthed from the Inner Divine Flame. We are merely light bringers – a torch and beacon for those who look to take a more active role in the process of following their star and seven internal planets.

At times we must reflect… some times we must absorb. But within each new day, our light must shine and we must also remember that we must reflect and be a mirror of the divine and be. That light is reflected in your actions and behavior, as you become the Tau or Shin to the way seekers and other keepers that you embrace.

Sunrise and Sunset

The day is complete and you can no longer focus on the past day set in motion. We reset ourselves through slumber. The shadows of the day are released in our subconscious mind. Every day is a battle of light in dark in the vessel of our inner temple. As we clear away the mud, we must allow a cord to anchor ourselves to Our Mother Earth but still be open to flow with the current and mysteries of the limitless emptiness of night and space, and yet be empowered by Our Father solar light. Balance and synergy of the Inner and Outer Seven Suns and guide our orbit. We must be willing to travel in orbit with Our Mother Cosmic Ocean.

There is no wrong way as long as you follow your Inner Truth and Voice. It is a call and voice that you know. No one can decide for you what is your best way to make the choices in your life, but you.

We are suppose to use these tools and wisdom to forge a path and learn to understand the system. Not for us to mimic and recite verbatim someone else’s path, someone else’s way. Every member or initiate must experience and master their own lives. They must create their own tools. Guess what? We all are born with the ability. If we will only allow our self to use it as a guide for our own path we will see and honor our truest self. If we all play follow the leader, then how do we discover our path or grow? Where are the leaders and pioneers of our age? Lost in a tit for tat over who owns this knowledge?

Who is Shin Asherah Iustus

Shin Asherah Iustus – Represents the egregore of the Wife of God – the current of Justice, Truth, Liberty and Matters of the Heart, not Lust.

I started my journey from early age. I had a love for mythology and fairy tales and the hidden messages that I found. I loved weird and amazing stories and searched for the origin of all religions and native tribes. It was my mission.

I was the weird girl who brought tarot and astrology charts for show and tell. I got my first tarot set at 13. I was willed most likely to start a cult in High School. I was the black sheep in my family. I was lost to most that I interacted with. But I realized early in life that I was different.

I was raised in a rural farming community on the flood ways of the Mississippi River. My family loved God and Jesus, but did not like the idea of any woman leading prayer or having the call to service of the Lord. Woman shall not have any authority over man. I was raised with the preaching of Southern Baptists and Church of Christ doctrine. I never felt welcome in the church and found myself crying and arguing internally with their representation of Christ, Adam and Eve, Sin and other things.

I spent my time in church reading the Bible for myself. I found the passages that my preacher didn’t talk about. I was obsessed with the Enoch, Ezekiel, the Nephilim, Mary Magdalene, Mary, Jesus, Solomon, John the Baptist and of course the scary shit at the end, The Book of Revelations.

I found various contradictions and I was obsessed with the Sacred Whore and the concept of the Brides of Christ and forbidden knowledge. Anything they told me I wasn’t allowed to study or do because I was a woman, or it was evil, occult, demonic or forbidden, I did it anyway. From studying the Kabbalah to Freemasonry, that was what I was interested in.

My love for the Sacred Whore brought me to the Book of the Law and Thelema. I joined the OTO and didn’t go any further than the Minerval (circa 2000) in their regulated system. I didn’t agree with the Misogyny or the way they claimed to adore the Goddess but their actions spoke in another way to me. It was like everywhere I went there was some type of invisible Oppressive Thumb over the woman. I wanted no part of this.

I am a Daughter of Fortitude. I am a Shekinah dancing on the outskirts of the desert. I am alone. I am painted and veiled. I am a voice of the Great Liberating Mother who has been invoked for centuries under the company of NUIT. Those who hear her voice will gather with me and we will orbit together under the light of our personal, guiding star and we will join as one universal mirror to each other, bound by the way and spirit that was birthed in our hearts.

I had years of study, knowledge and channeled material given to me. I tried to share it with my brothers and sisters but they did not want to do the work that was required to birth the NU Aeon. The current system is lost…. the New Atlantis was stopped in it’s tracks and infiltrated. I ended up here. I was consecrated and asked to join this College of Bishops in 2007.

After a series of shitty, non-fraternal, reception and a war of heaven in hell within and years of external battles with outer Egos, I went on a sabbatical and just observed for seven long years. The Goddess has called me to become active again. So here I am updating my page and setting to motion the Great Work of my life, my mission. Call it a Revival of the spirit or a Seven Year Itch.

But I am back and ready to get started again with those who feel her call. You know who you are and I look forward to being blessed with your knowledge, gifts and presence when the spirit calls within and it is time for you to steer the helm of your own Great Ship or Vessel.

I am here to set the current of Babalon and the Asherim in motion, to it’s Right and virtuous station. My current is one of the Blood and Flame. The sacred womb. The Sacred Web. The Sacred Matrix. The Creatrix. The sacred grove. It is not one of only worshipping the Phallus. It takes both energies to birth and create.


It is my will to do it this way

A Thelemite is anyone who bases their actions on striving to discover and accomplish their True Will and under love and as long as it doesn’t impeded on another’s Will. When a person invokes their True Will, it is like an orbit, their niche in the universal order, and the universe assists them. In order for the individual to be able to follow their True Will, the everyday self’s socially instilled inhibitions may have to be overcome via de-conditioning.

Crowley believed that in order to discover the True Will, one had to free the desires of the subconscious mind from the control of the conscious mind, especially the restrictions placed on sexual expression, which he associated with the power of divine creation. He identified the True Will of each individual with the Holy Guardian Angel, a daimon unique to each individual. The spiritual quest to find what you are meant to do and do it is also known in Thelema as the Great Work.

God’s Dwelling Place

This may come of a surprise to some, but Gnosis through Thelema is not only found in the Works of Crowley. There were many ways to observe and acquire the knowledge of Sages and Scribes of Mystery Traditions and Priesthood Orders. It is found in many valuable resources. Neville Goddard is an amazing resource for the living in union with your highest self.

“Why stand we here trembling all around calling on God for help and not ourselves in whom God dwells. God does not dwell in us as something other than ourselves, for God actually became as we are, that one day we may be as He is. I tell you: you are the Being who became man, the Being Blake refers to as God. You, human imagination, did not begin in your mother’s womb and will not end in the grave. As a pre-existing Being, you emptied your self of memory for a divine purpose – Neville Goddard Source: God’s Dwelling Place

I personally think magick/living purposefully is achieved by learning to access any knowledge, by focusing and opening up the doorway for it to enter your stream of consciousness. It is a primordial and instinctual ability of our nature (physical, alchemical, psychological and spiritual) to process or transform our own perception through living out the cycles or wheels of the God as in being or Living through NATURE (YHVH and the Trees of Knowledge of Good and Evil) in the material and spiritual planes that we are aware enough of, to integrate and access.

To live willfully and with purpose is sometimes as easy as just letting go and existing in the world, but at times that can be the hardest way to exist. We get caught up in traps of the who and why and forget that all we are doing is creating energy … a projection of our thoughts and will and setting it out to help build the path to us manifesting what we have willed our life to be. Too many of us get caught up in worshipping outside ourselves.

We project archetypal images meant to guide and lead us into intangible an unreachable deities that we bend to knee and ask them to direct their good graces on us and hear our prayers. When our energy communicates all ways, all the time. We already have the power within to do it. We never internalize and see just what it is, that which we are putting our energy into.

We are too busy begging. In my observation, most don’t value themselves enough to hold their own existence in the same light as they do mythic characters, gods or goddesses, or religious customs – when the essence of the divine is there – inside of you. There is no need to look or worship outside of the self.

Instead, be at one, at all times with yourself and with other people, the other parts of us that have splintered off from the divine. Invoke each other and worship each other as the living deities that you are. I give credit to the womb of my birth, the cosmos and our dance. The rest of the bullshit is science being explained by primitive ancient cultures of people who were genii advanced stellar bad assess.

The 3 things that I consider the most sacred: Will + Thoughts + Emotion on a conscious and subconscious level = Manifestation. What you direct your emotions and invest your thoughts and time into is what you birth. Whether it be prayer or worry, what you concentrate on with emotion, is created. My intuition is my god/guide.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” – Norman Vincent Peale American clergyman (1898 – 1993)

Other Projects or Temple Affiliations

The Virgins Milk Lodge – Willow Grove, PA Facilitated by David Aronson

Lac Virginis, The Virgin’s Milk

The Lac Virginis is the mercurial medium of conjunction for the union of Sol and Luna at the chemical wedding. At the point of conjunction it becomes one with the opposites and so ceases to be known under that name. Moreover, the philosopher’s child, which is born of the union of Sol and Luna, is nourished by virgin’s milk, and this is the food which allows him to grow to maturity.

An online instillation of Incarnadine Lodge from the Gracious labor and love of Soror Azoth. Please contribute one drop into her cup!

For more information, please visit

I am A (there are more than one) voice of the Great Liberating Mother who has been invoked for centuries under the company of NUIT. Those (plural) who hear her voice will gather with me and we will orbit together under the light of our PERSONAL (individual), guiding star and we will join (on holy days) as one universal mirror to each other, bound by the way and spirit that was birthed in our hearts.

I do care about the rights of everyone on this planet and everyone’s universal right of consent, of fairness no matter how they choose to live their life and being excluded and judged Is not a way for anyone to live.

Everyone has the right to express themselves and be allowed to be who they are and respected no matter how they choose.

Nature chooses what we are born as, what race we are, what situation. Life is love and acceptance for all creatures and all life. We are all connected. We should be able to protect, accept and love our family, friends and the ones they love.

I am just clarifying things for those who can’t see my intentions. I thought I would share my thoughts with current state of things and judgements. Take it or leave it. Just another opinion in 7.6 billion others.

Everyone (people, plants, animals, humanity, nature) wants to be happy and not live in fear. To have a safe home and right to live and a non toxic biosphere.

Free of persecution or hate just for being what they were born as. For being who and what they are.

Humanitarianly speaking: If we all were exactly the same it would be a boring world, for one to see everyone with thyself, they may just have to realize Everyone deserves love, life, freedom, respect and equality. We are all reflections of each other.

No gender. No religion. No label. No Race. No age. No region. No nationality. No tribe. No financial state. No mental state. No political side. No disability. No physical state.

No label should ever be used to hurt or discriminate against anyone.

If I haven’t:
1. Pissed you off
2. You don’t find my writing the Work of a Fool
3. You sincerely want to read more of my rant, I invite you to read Part 2 – The Long version.
4. If you would like to contact me to correct me on my thoughts or opinions, don’t bother.
5. If you would like to communicate in a intelligent conversation and share constructive comments in a positive light you can reach me the form below.

Facilitator of the Temple of Venus Genetrix
Which is located in Phoenix, AZ


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