Tau Harpocrates

Greetings in Light, Love and Liberty.

My Name is Michael Payne and I have had the honor of being consecrated a Gnostic Bishop and have been received into the body of Bishops of the Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis.  Upon my consecration I took the ecclesiastical name Tau Harpocrates.

I have had the honor of doing Ordinations and Consecrations for other Gnostic seekers willing to serve the greater Gnostic and Congregational Illuminism communities.  I serve as facilitator for the Sub Rosa Gnostic Circle that is occasionally active in the Carmel and Indianapolis, Indiana Area.  Please contact me here or via mike@payneland.com if you would like my assistance with funerals, baptisms or other services.  If you wish to seek ordination, consecration and sponsorship into the EGnU  I would be happy to work with you.

I am also a Master Mason, Past Master, York Rite Mason and Scottish Rite Mason.  I am also a member of the Knights of Pythias and Odd Fellows.  I appreciate and work with several magickal systems.  My personal work is very strongly based upon Jewish Kabbalah.

If I can in any way help you along your personal journey please reach out to me.

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