The Ma’at Field

by Aion 131 and Tau Aleph

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The Ma’at Field is a ritual designed to effect Truth in oneself or another. In the sixties, this type of ritual was known as a “karma dumping run,” in which the karma of the target was sped up so as to ripen immediately. The structure of the ritual resembles the Rose Cross ritual of the Golden Dawn. The Ma’at Field surrounds a person who is out of balance with a field of Truth. It has proven highly useful in dealing with politicians and other liars. Very strange things have been known to happen as a result. Note that this cannot be done without incurring the same result upon oneself, so please do not use this ritual unless you are willing to ripen your own karma. You have been warned.

The only things needed are the elements, your wand or other implement, and a flourite crystal on the altar.

First banish using (preferably) either The Blue Topaz or the Space Marks Banishing. Then read the invocation to just before “Rehti-Merti-Nebti-Maati:”

MAAT; shadow Shakti of Tahuti.
He who is I; Asar-un-Nefer,
Hadit-Sun; Dark One
Balancing with pole, a Tree at each end.
Shadow! Engulf and shimmer as a Feather.
Within a sphere of crystal,
SHE pulls a cloak of purple across the Shadow.
Time is displaced.
All that is not Centered
Is consumed.
Amidst the Body of Maat
I see the Holy Star,
Revealed in majesty beyond purple;
Point and existence into NONE.
Striding unto me,
A Flame form of Golden Horus.
Arms thrust forward
All into an Arrow, shot
Into the Center of the Star.
That-which-is when Shakti-is-not,
Black Flame who was Dragon in Amenta.

Obsidian Pillar; Balance,
When there is naught-to-Balance.

[Follow ritual instructions below]


By that Mouth which Utters and that mouth
which receives I seal the vision.

I P S O S !

Construct an octohedron as follows, drawing the sign of the feather at each point of the octohedron.

The sign of the feather is to be drawn first in the NE, vibrating Rehti; continue to the SE, vibrating Merti; then SW, vibrating Nebti; and then NW, vibrating Maati.

Return to the NE, and make the zenith of the octohedron, drawing the sign of the feather and vibrating YCHRONOS, continuing to touch the point in the SW. From there moving to the nadir, vibrate CHTHONOS and return to the NE.

Complete the octohedron touching the points in the SE, Zenith, NW, Nadir, SE, SW, NW, NE.

Face the direction of your target, or if not known, a direction which represents your target, or which just “feels right.”

Construct your bow by raising your hand above your head, uttering “By that mouth which utters,” then sweep forward and down toward your feet, uttering “and that mouth which receives.”

Visualize an arrow, drawing it in the bow, uttering “I seal the vision.” As you do this, the octohedron you have visualized shrinks to the size of a flourite crystal and become the tip of the arrow.

Draw the bow at length, putting all your energy into shooting it as hard as you can. At the point of maximum tension release the arrow toward the heart of the visualized target, uttering “IPSOS!”

Fall to the floor in a state of total release, visualizing the arrow hitting the heart of the target. When the visualized arrowhead of light strikes the center of the heart of the target, it expands into the original large octohedral field surrounding them – The Ma’at Field.

Banish thoroughly!

Love is the law, love under will.

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