Modern Holy Books

Ancient Gnostic Texts

Magickal Writings

Tau Aleph / AREXZ 1496

Tau Apollonius

On the Gnostic Mass

On the Holy Guardian Angel

Shri Gurudev Mahendranath


1 thought on “Writings

  1. Ryan Todd

    93 Gassho i am very interested in reviewing the Mass hopefully attending.Right now i am in Eugene Oregon.I resigned from OTO but i have no issues with local bodies i think they should implement what crowley intended in the Articles.I am on Facebook under Todd Ryan and i am working closely with T Allen Greenfield.He will receive the hard copy shortly.I will be working on getting a place to allow your version of the Mass.Or any version if everything goes well.Thanik You for your time.93 93/93 In N.O.X.Ryan


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