On retrogrades

by Tau Aleph

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I wrote this on the Horus-Maat Lodge mailing list, and think it is worth reproducing here:

In Hindu sidereal astrology, the influence of the planets is said to be stronger, the slower they are moving. This makes sense, as they act as gravitational lenses through which stars or areas of space are focused on earth. A stationary planet close conjunct a fixed star would be very powerful – however, I have not studied the energies or natures of the fixed stars, so am unable to interpret these events.

I found that there are a couple other points in time which are quite significant with retrograde planets. First, the planet is moving back through degrees of the zodiac already traversed. One can make a day-to-day map, correlating each day of retro motion with some past day or days of direct motion. During this period, one seems to be gathering new data with respect to past actions and events, sometimes undoing things one has done. When the planet goes stationary again (direct), there is an intense correlation with the previous time period(s) when the planet was at that position. In the I Ching, this phenomenon is referred to as “backward moving lines”.

Next, when the planet goes direct again, this territory is covered again – now there are two previous “days” stitched together with the present. An opportunity to redo things undone, but hopefully better. The next point of interest is when the planet finally goes into “new” territory, passing the point where it went retro. Here is where new realizations and accomplishments are frequently made, built on the past, but not as karmically entangled with it as during the retracing of a previously visited arc. With respect to the whole cycle, usually a fairly brief period…

Love is the law, love under will.


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