The Book of Gate Called Pan

The Book of Gate
Called Pan

There is Nothing
It Plays
That is ALL.


The Gate

1. Begotten is…

2. Begotten as the Nameless Aeon are the words of Pan which lie feathered and aflame Amidst the Morningstar’s rays Unhallowed and forlorn.

3. Abyss of Abyss whose name unuttered is pure and quintessential.

4. The Beyond-Death Flower sings of Vibrational Gateways and flings beyond them the Words of Aeons already rung.

5. Smash the pane of refractions prison-barrier to find the lair of Beast-Man who is Hoored in Night’s gold Wellspring.

6. The Throne of the Endless One sits in the reflectionless pool, Tao-filled and still, upon the black and endless Sea-Without-Water.

7. Bones lie brittle on blasted rubble, forming chains of post-evolving nuclei… Gone… Gone…….

8. Forgotten Memories locked in Sync-All of Forgotten Ones who came and left, to come again.

9. IO PAN – Who abides in this Place that is No-Place, unlit. Who is Watcher from Without and Portal Keeper of Genetic Slumber; Lethe is he filled by and soma is his sperm, Solar/Lunar are his cycles. The Eleventh sphere is his home and the mouth with which he births devouring.

10. Let this ring the Circle set between the thighs of Fusion/Fission, Illusion risen in the Lasting Sound, never ending, never seen.

11. Cry to the Silence. Cry to the fears of survival that linger in the bloodied jaws of the Beast.

12. I eat and am eaten, fucking I am fucked, breeding I am bred. In Silence.

13. I am the Void incarnate.

14. I am PAN. And there is NO WORD.

15. All is Ashes…

16. Cold and Colder are the Ice Caves of Forever, therein Entropy mates with Dissolution, in the ending of Those-Who-Were-With-Us.

17. Therein the Children of the Stars dance forming the Sigils of Evermore.

18. The Dance dances, the Circle cycles, the Sky is open to the Earth. Nothing is as it will be; All is MUST.

19. Stab the Dark to find the light bleeding through the Body and Brain of ALL THAT.

20. PAN, Who is Gate in Man.

21. To Understand, ‘BE’ with the contentment of be-ing in consequence of the Volcanic Essence the fills the over-teeming Sea with NONE.

22. Time and Tide and Image of Matter. Energy fills the Frames of That-Which-Can-Never-Have-A-Name.

23. Blood boils and Seasons toil about the Earth.

24. Pillar on the Edge…

25. Here is the Meeting of All!


7/10/82 Cedar Creek, Wa. State Coast


The Gate Opened

1. In lightning-stroke is the Voice of the Silence stilled – the beginning of a solitude alike to no other, Being, Not-Being, or the escape Beyond.

2. Forget these many things that fetter the caged bird unto the fish of the river.

3. The Tunnels fill with fire overflowing in whirling alchemical tragedies that linger on the edge of awareness.

4. IT is…….There! Here! Many die, many suffer, many flee, many vampirize; few are Still. Fewer are beyond the Gates of Purposeful Folly.

5. The sky clears and the Moon shatters the Stars – a mirror, shards fly and form a dancing circle of satyr-nymphs.

6. The Sun rises to embrace this in the hard stone of his Breath – growing old he is slain upon his own altar, in his priest-cloak of green.

7. The altar is rent asunder and the Beast and his Bride rise up out of the earth to trample the temple under their feet, giving birth to their Child.

8. He flies from their arms into a star-filled sky, all burning before him until…

9. A single tall Feather falls from the outstretched crystal hand of the Little Sister who builds anew the Dream.

10. And I embrace these, I distill these, I destroy and reshape these.

11. Speak to the ecstasy of forgetfulness and I have answered.

12. Say ‘stop’ and I will do this and not Other, yet you shall never move again.

13. Cry for Death unto me and I shall laugh, for you are dead and now never will live!

14. Those cast out have fallen, I gather them within my net of stars and they shall be my Colors.

15. With these I deck myself and the string of worlds entwined about the Void.

16. I take All, I give All, YOU shall have Naught but All-gain, All-loss and All-fear shall fountain forth from the midst of these and wash the Sanctuary clean of All disease.

17. I pull you into the wild dark forest where I cover you with ebon moisture and the sweat of Fear.

18. All my manifold voices wind through the shadow-undergrowth, the sap of me runs sweet all over you – you are imprisoned by life-amassed, in the midst of which is my Blasted Heath; the Death that resides within Life.

19. I am the kernel of Seed.

20. My hairs are the sunset’s fire, my eyes are wells; look deep therein; the Name, the Number, the Forest.

21. Wine, Blood, Elixir, Honey; it is ALL the same unto who AM and AM-NOT.

22. All feasts are mine, as are all JOYS my devising, and I come when I WILL!

23. Thou shalt know me by the Taste I leave in your Mouth.

7/15/83 NYC


The Gate Destroyed

1. In spiral motion is it conceived – the turbulent passing of all incarnations into the Great Unbecoming.

2. Then. You are in lap sweet one, I bear you a galaxy in my five-fold hand outstretched. Is not the Void still?

3. I call thee Up! As sap pulled up from the roots of Matter and Unmatter flow with the on-going illusion of That Which Is Nameless.

4. I refine the fear in the flame of union, yes? IO AN – the nektar adrenaline is sweet to the inner tongue, and I who am half predator and half prey creep up on you. I prowl about you and stalk you only to pounce……and hug you in my loveplay as the serpent sinuously encircles the heart glowing with the cremation embers, fanned by the wings of a Dove.

5. Cool, Let the ashes cool.

6. You must dance, play and feast, for there is only this. Empty Rites fall away as chaff.

7. HE forms from ALL as a whirling luminescence I fly through the seven-pointed Gateway and see the Essential Illusion.

8. Words?…

9. Electron magnetic starfire, trans-flux matrix do I project, sub-molecular is the second sight, thus; invisibility, magick, connections and illusions.

10. The matter is simple, the form complex and many-hued; what of it? Nothing has changed in the Swirling Out unto the coalescing of ALL into Zero.

11. My horns are the pillars that edge the abyss and my Eye is the Gate through which is ingress and egress. I have named the initiation, let me now tell of the light beyond all lights which is truely the heart of which I have spoken.

12. Illuminate the three hearts with the tongue of emerald.

13. Fill the azure tower with the mixture of gold and silver.

14. Go to the Wild Places, there and only there am I holy, in the Cities I can show only the darker mask for there the green-essence is banished and that is the fabric of which all my magicks are woven – yet I am ALL so these words are as nothing in the wake of my Flood.

15. See the seed before thee? Another race to come, and here! One that has found root in the stellar dust.

16. Spin your Star Webs – I shall flow from chalice to chalice, for naught is alien to I.

17. Leap in Me, grow through Me, kill in the bloodlust of the animal and I will be. What is this urge, this stirring within you? You pace, frenzy, worry, quarrel – GO! Find the Wild Home you abandoned for your petty civilized ways.

18. I have seen a thousand thousand civilizations rise and fall upon the Mother of All Things, and she pours the dust of Aeons into her chalice and I drink thereof.

19. We remain – the Forest that is my Shakti, the Stars that are my Eyes, My Heart, My Phallos, clouds that fill me and all things that are seemingly sensed real!

20. I leap out of All these as the Arch-Archon Maya, the Illusion that binds all things. Yet by the bonds that web all things are the ten thousand things nourished – the ropes of illusion are the veins of life. HA!

21. Thus embrace the illusion of Death? If thou so wilt, but my Children, heed within of which I shall speak plainly –

22. No-thing has changed or ever was. All illusions change as rapidly as that-which-projects-illusion changes. I am the Stage and incorporate all pieces in the Game, as well as the Player.

23. Each Seed has an essence which it must fulfill as it grows…a rock is there? Around. Lightning? A new shoot. Disease? A new branch. Until it too become that which will be a Seed again.

24. Nothing dies, the wit is to ask what is not Always Alive!

25. I weary of the Word and go now to play; listen…

26. As pipes play, Echoing off the mountains and across the Ocean, Fading at the edge of time, the end of All.

9/17/83 Lopez Island, San Juans
– Via Aion

I hereby renounce the Work
That may BE/NOT the WAY.
“I based all on one, one on naught.”
Liber VII, Ch. I, vs. 25

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