The Magick Arte

by Tau Aleph

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

0. Introduction

Most of the ideas presented in this essay were originally presented in Baphomet’s De Arte Magica. While The Magick Arte follows the general outline of De Arte Magica, some gaps in the knowledge and understanding of Baphomet on the topics presented have been filled in from the author’s own initiated knowledge of both Hindu and Buddhist Tantra as well as the Understanding obtained through his direct personal experience. Any unattributed quotations in the text have been taken from De Arte Magica, though some of these were noted as quotations in the original text but were unattributed therein. All opinions expressed are those of the author, and may or may not reflect the opinions expressed by Baphomet on the same points in De Arte Magica. While the style and structure of De Arte Magica have been more or less emulated, the knowledge herein conveyed has been expressed in the author’s own words.

Of the Name and His Wisdom

The supreme secret of the A.O.T.O.A.’. is written in detail in the Book called Agape. It is also clearly figured in the Book of Lies, Chapter 36.

This is Our commentary to the book Agape which the Secret King A.A.V.A.A.A. did vouchsafe unto Us on the occasion of Our Initiation to the IX°. And this Book has received His official approval in all regards.

Naturally, the Secret in nowhere herein revealed, but only ideas as to its right use insofar as it, having been the Pivot of the Great Work from time immemorial, may aid those to whose hands it may come to attain perfect mastery of this Holy and Noble Art.

Of the Import of the Secret

This Secret is the true Key to Magick; by right use of this secret may a man impress Nature herself with his Will. In this way, were all recorded Knowledge to be destroyed, an adept of this secret could restore it.

Of the Mind of the Adept

In Alchemy, there is an alchemical rule which is outlined by Franz Hartmann in his In The Pronaos of the Temple of Wisdom:

“Keep the fire constantly burning. If the molten metals are allowed to cool off before they are transformed into higher ones, they will become hard again, and the whole process will have to be recommenced from the beginning.”

Now this is a Magical Truth of simple import. In the preparation and communion of the Sacrament, the mind of the Adept must caught up in one rushing flame of Will which must remain focused upon the predetermined object of this operation.

For there is no act more easy and natural to man, and none which requires less equipment. For the most part mankind is ignorant of its application and uneducated in its proper performance; it requires the most abstruse and difficult study of both its theory and practice. But practice is utterly in vain unless the initial rule be followed; and this is only made easy by overcoming both the bodily trance and the wandering mind itself. Only by enduring training in the art of meditation, and through constant practice and experience, can the Magick Arte become fruitful.

Of Times, Tides & Seasons

The best hours of the day for the preparation of this Sacrament are the twilight hours, both the evening and the morning. Yet other hours may be useful for specific works.

The best phases of the Moon are her trines and sextiles with the Sun. When in conjunction and opposition, it is wise to consider the entire Heavens.

These guidelines should be investigated and expanded according to the true methods of science.

Of the Fortification of the Body

In all of the traditions of the world which revere the operation of this Magick Arte, it is customary to partake of a three-fold or five-fold ritual feast of which the Sacrament itself is the quintessence. For the body nourished with meat and wine is more ready for the operation; and to this can be added rice and fish as desired.

Yet one should eat lightly, that the Elixir may be absorbed the more fully and, being carried unto every part of the body by the blood, revivify the whole.

But mediocre states of body and mind are to be avoided. As it is written “I would thou wert cold or hot; but because thou art lukewarm I shall spew thee out of My mouth.”

Of the Operations and Workings of this Arte

Where a Single Act implies perfection, the Adept may proceed in full faith without Fear. We question the wisdom of reiteration should the operation succumb to doubt or seeming failure.

Yet for Workings of the Planets in their courses, it may be well to perform a Series of Operations; but in these cases the series should be planned in advance to correspond with the rising, midcourse, or setting of the planet involved, or with the praenumbra of any aspect thereof being worked.

The Adept can be expected to develop Intuition into all these variables; it is likely that the personal equation is very important, and that no absolute rule, to be always observed by all men, exists.

Of the Inhibitions and their Effects

The primary inhibitions to the Workings of this Arte are doubt, bad timing, and lust of result. Doubt may lead to a group of lesser results sympathetic to the Result willed; bad timing to perfect failure or but slight movements imitative of that Result; lust of result may result in either or both, or even the sudden reversal of all hopes.

In the particular case of the Operations of the Elixir of Life, it is written that Adepts will show prudence by experimenting thoroughly in minor operations until they have a reasonable confidence in their Knowledge and Experience of this Arte.

Of a Theory of this Magick Arte

The theory of this Arte appears to Us to involve the idea of Prana; yet it may be that it is far more related to Quantum Physics.

In the consumption of the Sacrament for health and vitality, there is no violation of reason. Yet though the Matter of the Sacrament is without doubt a Microcosm, it requires a leap of faith, comparable to that on which the theory of Astrology rests, to grant causality to its operation.

However, in this matter We have no doubt of the efficacy of the process. Yet in all these matters, reason and experience must be the guide and teacher, so that the Adept seeketh not to perform the Impossible and thereby blaspheme the Sacrament.

Yet it is said that to the consummate and sublime Initiate it may seem that of Himself was it written: “With God all things are possible.” It is also said that “It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.” Let the Adept not act otherwise than to work within Her laws.

Of the Course of the Moon and her Influence

It is said that the operation is useless, even dangerous, when the flow of the Moon first shows itself. But on the following days it is said that the Sacrament is more efficacious than at any other time, as is figured by the preference of the ancient Alchemists for the Red Tincture against the White.

This We also believe, though We hold it not hitherto proven.

Of the Partner to this Arte

Some say that it is enough if the partner be formed by Nature signally for the physical task: “robust, vigorous, eager, sensible, hot and healthy; flesh, nerve and blood being tense, quick, and lively, easily enflamed, and nigh inextinguishable.”

Yet We hold that it is much better if the other party to the Sacrament be also an Adept of these Mysteries, this being especially essential for success in the Higher uses of this Arte. Yet let the Object of both be the same; lest difference lead to the division of Will and its failure.

Of certain Rites Analogous

It is said by some that to obtain Spiritual gifts and to aid Nature, the Sacrament should be as it were a Nuptial of the Folk of Earth; and it may be that by this means Elementals may be created to perform the Will of the Magician.

Yet herein is a difficulty, for with no White Eagle to generate the Gluten, the Matter of the Sacrament cannot exist.

It is also said that this operation is not so easy to be made effective by female initiates; yet we hold that this has not been proven.

Of the Choice of an Assistant

With respect to the choice of a partner with whom to celebrate this Sacrament, lust can so easily confuse the mind and deceive the senses as to this matter, that it seems to Us that one should simply let Will make the choice: confusion of mind being a sign that Will has not spoken. It is for this reason that Knights are sworn to Chastity, by which is meant Abstinence from indulgence in any sexual act which is not informed by Will.

Yet it is said that if one but let the conscious Will be devoted wholly to the Great Work, then shall the subconscious Will inevitably choose the appropriate Vehicle for the Work.

Moreover, it is essential not only that the partner consent, but further that they cooperate enthusiastically in the working, so that the Lion may be perfectly dissolved in a full portion of Gluten. And the Signs that the preparation be rightly done are figured both by the appearance and taste of the Matter of the Sacrament. For is it not written in Judges 14:18, “What is sweeter than honey, and what is stronger than a Lion?”

Of certain Jewish theories

We understand that among certain instructed Initiates of the Qabalah of the Jews, there is the view that the ZRO or Semen itself possesses an inherent creative force which cannot be baulked. Thus it is said that before Eve was made, the dreams of Adam produced Lilith, a demoness, and that from his intercourse with her sprang the evil races of incubi and succubi.

Now then these devout do set barriers athwart the Roads of Conjugal Love, as these: (1) that it must be an holy act, preceded by ablutions and prayer, (2) that thoughts of lust must be rigidly excluded, (3) that procreation must be the sole purpose of the act, and (4) that the blessing of God must most earnestly be invoked, that the child might be born under His Aegis.

In other words, their theory is this: that the act of love does disturb the Aether of Akasa in such a magical manner as to attract or create an human soul. All other acts which result in the emission of semen must therefore attract other spirits, incomplete and thus presumed evil. Hence wet dreams are said to bring succubi, capable of maintaining a separate existence by vampirising their creator.

Furthermore, sterile acts of a voluntary nature are said to create demons, and if done with concentration and magical intent, such may be made as to subserve that intention.

Of Quantity versus Quality

It was said by Merlin that but a single dewdrop of this most perfect medicine suffices, and this may be true. Yet it was the opinion of Baphomet that every drop generated should be consumed. In this he opined that this most precious of all gifts of Nature should not be lost or profaned, and further indicated that the most excellent instructions for the treatment of the consecrated Host in the Missale Romanum be studied by the adepts of these mysteries as a guide to their own working in this higher Sacrament.

And We also do think that the Consummation should be complete, by reason that if indeed the operation of this miracle be dependent upon the Prana contained therein, then Quantity is as important as Quality, just as with electricity where amperage is as important as voltage.

And if this be true of small miracles, how much truer must it be in the case of great miracles; for it seems that in the pitting of Spirit against Matter, it is better that the proportion, although small, be not indefinitely small.

But then again, it may be that the Action of this Sacrament is catalytic, capable of transmuting an unlimited quantity of base matter into Gold. And this theory is certainly in accordance with the alchemical traditions of the Stone and the Medicine.

Of Eroto-comotose Lucidity

As Tradition does not allow the proper attribution of Authorship to this Method, it would be improper to relate it here. Please refer to Liber CDXIV, De Arte Magica, for a full description of this Method.

As it is written: “Let me die the death of the Righteous, and let my last end be like his!”

Of certain Hindu theories

The Seers of India, like the Jews, believe that the Prana or life-force resides in the Bindu, or semen. But as their forms of practice are peculiarly designed toward the development of the inner power of control, in contrast to the Western idea of manifesting power in the world, they naturally seek to retain the Bindu altogether, directing it up the Sushumna or central channel to Illuminate the Third Eye.

Therefore they labour to withhold by will, while consecrated shaktis stimulate their organs. Some go even further and have been known to suspend large rocks from their genitals as a form of Yoga. Some claim to be able to indulge in orgies of defloration without spilling a single drop of Bindu. And in this Doctrine, none of the life-force is ever lost, but is reabsorbed through the tissues and organs of the body.

When compared with Chapter XIII it can be seen that one postulate underlies both systems; that, in the words of Baphomet, “in the semen itself exists a physical force which can be turned to the magical or mystical Ends of the Adept.”

Nonetheless, there are also those tantric sects in India where the general rule is reversed. These worshippers of Shakti consider the Oblation to be a sacred offering to their Goddess and to withhold at the culmination of a rite or puja would be unthinkable. These traditions are also in possession of the Supreme Secret of this Magick Arte.

Of the Object or Goal of the Adept

We are of the opinion that the only proper use of this Sacrament for any Initiate as he begins his Working is to invoke the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, for which The Rite of the Holy Dzogchen Angel is recommended. Subsequent to this Attainment, the Adept needeth not a suggested Course of Experiment.

However, it is of note that, in the Vajrayana tradition of Tibet, the Tantric Buddhist, after attaining Union with the Yidam (tutelary deity), will then endeavor to fill every Lotus of the Universe with their Buddhas. Establishing each one “in turn” with its own working, all can subsequently be activated “at once” within “the four gates” of the Mandala.

Likewise the Qabalist might fill the Sephirah of the Tree of Life.

For great operations one might commit to celebrating the Sacrament every Friday evening (for example) in the Year, using a Rite such as A Feast of Nuit. But the details of the Method are best left to the Ingenuity of the Adept, for it may be that there are even more efficient ways for extracting this Honey from the Comb.

Of Vampirism

There is another method of Magick which is not included in the instruction of the A.O.T.O.A.’. It is thought by some to partake of the nature of Black Magic and is clearly described in Liber CDXIV, De Arte Magica, to which the interested reader is referred.

Of the Adept of this Arte

“In armour of leaping flame
let the Adept rage through the Universe,
majestic and irresistible as the Sun.
Let no eye behold him unblasted;
let him strike upon the necks of the ungodly.
Let him be a mighty light of comfort,
and the father of all fertility.
Let him send forth rain in due season,
and the earth grow green at his coming.
Let his planets whirl upon his wheel;
let him send forth his comets as angels unto his brethren;
and let him give light to all his realm.
Let no eye behold him unblasted;
let him strike upon the necks of the ungodly.”


Of the Law of Thelema

“The word of the Law is θελημα.” —AL. I. 39

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” —AL. I. 40

“thou hast no right but to do thy will.
Do that, and no other shall say nay.” —AL. I. 42-3

“take your fill and will of love as ye will,
when, where, and with whom ye will.” —AL. I. 51

“Love is the law, love under will.” —AL. I. 57

“this is the law of the strong:
this is our law and the joy of the world.” —AL. II. 2


By this Virtue may all beings attain Enlightenment:


In the Name of the Secret King, Hail and Farewell!

Love is the law, love under will.

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